Goodbye Vogue Bambini


Alas this once very influential magazine is no more with Italian Condé Nast recently announcing its closure in a radical consolidation of publications. Many wonderful photographers cut their teeth in collaborations with its influential editors (not least of which was one Franca Sozzani), including Bruce Weber and  Peggy Sirota. I really learnt most of what I really needed to know about fashion photography i.e. working quickly, capturing spontaneous reactions, to relax (but not too much!) and trust in one’s instincts and to always look for a positive point of view. A light-bulb moment for me was when I was first starting out in Paris. My agent at the time reported that the Fashion Director of Marie Claire said she’d work with me if I could bring my way of working with kids to women’s fashion. I listened and not long after was working for that same editor.

The images in my archive are mainly from my 5-6 year collaboration with Vogue Bambini. It’s a very small selection from many hundreds of published images that I hope eventually to sort into their individual stories.